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My first novel, published in 2005 by Rowohlt Verlag, Germany. It’s about Hanne, who leaves Hamburg to follow her dream of a life in California…Now also available electronically through Untreed Reads. Special edition of my first novel, published in 2006 by Rowohlt Verlag, Germany, as part of the ten-book series Springtime for Women, featuring contemporary female German authors. All books had yellow covers like this one. The series was released in spring, which can be pretty cold and gray in Germany. When you walked into a bookstore, the ten books stacked on a shelf near the door greeted you like a bunch of daffodils. My story Big in Hollywood is included in this anthology of short stories about dieting and self-image. It was published in 2009 by Diana Verlag, Munich, which belongs to the Random House Group, Germany.

My short story “A Doctor in La Paz” was originally written in English, then translated into German (by me) and French (by Nehal Abuelata). A Spanish translation is currently in the making.
All three versions can be downloaded onto any e-reader through my U.S. publisher Untreed Reads as well as directly from Amazon, iTunes, and many other stores and libraries worldwide.

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