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If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.  ~Toni Morrison

Writing is a unique process. While it is a solitary task, we sometimes need a second pair of eyes to put things into perspective. You can hire me for copyediting, developmental editing, story consulting, proofreading, and (ghost)writing. I provide personable and constructive feedback for plays, screenplays, novels and shorter pieces of fiction, as well as nonfiction, treatments, and book proposals.

I’m a published novelist, journalist, screenwriter, and award-winning playwright. I was the story consultant for the award-winning documentary, “Fan-Demanium,” directed by Matthias Visser, produced by Michelle Sy (“Finding Neverland”), Dale Rosenbloom, and Andrew R. Tennenbaum (“The Bourne Identity,” “The Bourne Supremacy,” “The Bourne Ultimatum”). My fiction has been published by Rowohlt Verlag and Diana Verlag (Random House Group), Germany and by Untreed Reads. I’m a member of BAEF (Bay Area Editors’ Forum).

My goal is to help you create the best writing you can. I offer a supportive environment to assist you through your process.

Rates are project-based, depending on each unique set of requirements. I offer general as well as in-depth analyses and light, medium, and heavy editing.

Please contact me at: wordshop@tatjanagreinerwordshop.com


“Tatjana is an incredible asset as a story consultant. Her comments and ideas are always well thought-out, detailed and, most importantly, useful. She helped me take several projects to a whole new level and I would not think of sending a story out without her input.” –Matthias Visser, Hervis Entertainment

“Tatjana is a great person to work with, she has greatly edited my book respecting time lines. Whenever I need a writer/editor, I know where to go.” –Ignazio Lacitignola, Designer

“Tatjana understood my project right away, it didn’t take a lot of explanation, and that meant we began moving my process forward to the next step straight away. She enabled me to see a form familiar to my audience, one that communicates an otherwise overly complex subject through an emotional arc used for centuries. Which is a real load off my back! After working with her for a time, I’ve learned to give great respect to Tatjana’s critique. It’s always spot-on! Her analysis is focussed and problem-solving.” –Brad Briggs, Motion Picture Editor (“300,” “The New World”)

“I found Tatjana the modern way, through the Internet. I told her exactly the type of editing I was looking for, she gave me a fair price on the assignment. She blocked out four days of her life for my book and came back with a critique that hit the mark. I agreed and used almost everything she said. She defined each of her comments in a very detailed way. I emailed her critique to a writer friend of mine. He too was impressed. I’m ready to use Tatjana again. She provides exceptional value!” –Enrique Suarés

“For a number of years I have submitted works in progress to Miss Greiner, soliciting her thoughts about how to make improvements in my work. I have found her to be a thoroughly competent professional in all aspects of the world of theater, contributing enormously to my own development. I heartily recommend her to any one who, like me, loves the theater but knows his/her shortcomings and yet believes in his/her potential.” –Claude McMillan, Ph.D.

“Tatjana Greiner has worked with FirstStage Theatre in many capacities. She has served both on the Board of Directors and is currently on the Artistic Committee. She has directed several readings and workshops and has particularly worked as a dramaturge on several workshop presentations of new work. Her rapport with writers has been exceptional, allowing the best to come from their imagination to further their talent and their work. Ms. Greiner is an asset to any writer who is looking to develop his or her work.” –Dennis Safren, Literary Manager, FirstStage, Hollywood

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